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We are your local Technology Integration Specialists helping over 3,000 businesses improve productivity, increase their ROI, and reduce costs with effective technology solutions.

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Simplifying Technology

Regardless if your network is big or small, it supports all your critical activities. When IT fails, productivity fails, and downtime equals loss of revenue. Hand off, or supplement your IT responsibilities to Smart Start Networks. We offer affordable, FLAT rates, that include 24/7 remote support.

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Seamless Cloud Solutions

Save time to concentrate on your business while we take care of the technical work. We swiftly migrate your existing business systems to the cloud, so you can stop wasting resources on numerous applications and have all your business tools in one complete platform.

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Network Infrastructure

Is your office cabling just a mess of wires? Trouble connecting to your network? Would you like to extend the range of your Wi-Fi signal to areas with dead spots? Is your internet connection intermittent? We can solve your cabling & network issues, guaranteed!

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Theft Prevention & Surveillance

Monitoring a security system in real time allows you, or your security team, to see the instant a potential criminal enters your business or trespasses on your property. This speed allows you to step in and prevent a crime from happening.

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Custom A/V Solutions

Whether you already have a modern A/V setup or are thinking about upgrading your current audio/video equipment, SmartStart offers a full range of services where the end result is an aesthetically pleasing, great sounding and easy to use entertainment system.

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